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BBBEE Compliance & Optimisation

If you do not submit your company’s WSP/ATR in time, you will not able to score any points in the skills development element of your B-BBEE.  No matter how much money you spent on training…it just can’t be claimed! Ask an expert to call you..

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Claim the Tax Rebates, save on Tax

Don’t loose out! Save up to R100K per learner in income Tax for your company. We can show you how to structure all your training in such a way that will allow your company to take full advantage of this benefit and many others! Get an expert to call you..

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Get your SETA Grants

Our clients enjoy the benefits of being funded for the training plans by their respective SETA. Get IsibaniEdu to work its magic for you!  Some grants are mandatory and some are discretionary!  Ask an expert to call you..

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Learnership Management - leave the admin to us!

We agree! Your business is services your clients and customers, not managing learnership and training programs! That is why we made that OUR business! Don’t let your business lose out on the many Tax Incentives presented by learnership 🙂! At the same time, don’t lose revenue while trying to juggle between learnership admin and running your business. Our business is to run your learnership, leave that to us and run your business!

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Employment Equity

The purpose of the Employment Equity Act is to achieve equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination and implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups, in order to ensure equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce.

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Don't miss out - "Join the club"!

“Value for money” – That is the only concept that inspired the creation of Club Membership! It’s simple! If you have us as your SDF, well guess what? You have an internal training facilitator too! A multi-dimensional as well! Never again will you have to pay to send your staff to anger, personal and/or diversity management etc again (for a list of all our Club benefit course please visit Course list). As a complementary service, IsibaniEdu will conduct a thorough workplace readiness program for all learners and interns employed by our clients!


We want to be there for you all the way! We will deal with your Labor and Skills issues whenever you need us! Just book us, we will show up!

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Why Choose IsibaniEdu?

Hit 3 targets at once - we are BBBEE Level 1 (EME)

If you team-up with us, you get to “win” 3-fold! The following benefits are all for the taking: Skills Development, Enterprise & Supplier Development and 135 % recognition on all spend!

On-site, Off-site, Remote-site, too-far-site? We do it all!

One of the biggest advantages of teaming up with IsibaniEdu is that you get to experience a fully dynamic service. We are able to satisfy all our clients’ needs. Be it implementing am office-based learnership for employed learners, or an outreach program in the rural outskirts of our country – we will supersede all expectations.

SETA Accredited Programs

All our programs are SETA accredited. Through our parent company The GISA we are able to offer a range of registered learnership programs the MICT SETA, FASSET, Service SETA and much more! For a full list of our program, please click here.

24/7 Corporate SupportHR Solutions, Skills Development and Administration Solutions 7days a week without fail! IsibaniEdu - at your service! t's&c's apply..

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